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Mintoris Basic is a simple and straight forward programming language for Android phones and tablets.

This app turns your Android device into a powerful programmable pocket computer and does it in a way that is fast, fun and easy.

Basic now supports USB Serial Communications. Accessory USB ports may now be used with a USB to Serial (RS232) converter. Fully compatible and tested with Arduino microprocessors.

New Big Decimal arithmetic. You can perform operations on decimal numbers with virtually any number of digits. Completely accurate to the last decimal place.

Advanced array manipulation features are supported which allow you to perform operations on entire arrays or sub-arrays with a single statement.

In the graphics mode you will find all the common drawing commands you would expect. Also included are a set of data graphing commands which allows you to graph an array of data with just a few lines of code.

Mintoris Basic contains multiple file I/O, SQLite support and a complete set of file manipulation commands.

Supports Bluetooth, FTP and full network/internet communications!

All the standard Sensor and GPS features of android are supported.

You can place shortcut icons on your home screen to run Basic programs with a single touch.

The Mintoris Basic forum provides a place for programmers to converse and share programs. Using the built in browser you can download and install Basic programs with a single touch.

The forum is a great place to discuss the future of Mintoris Basic. Many of the current features started as topics in the "Future Updates" section of the forum.

Join and become a part of Basic's future.

Mintoris Basic Forum


Mintoris Space is an adventure that takes you hopping across the galaxy spreading life, industry and civilization.

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