2011 Change Log

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Version 4.2.4 Released.

This version fixes a force close issue with the GetGpsTime() function.


Version 4.2.2 Released.

This is a small fix to help identify a rare problem with licensing.


Version 4.2.1 Released.

This upgrade fixes a scaling problem when drawing rectangles or ovals.


Version 4.2 Released.

This upgrade mainly deals with sound and graphics. If you browse your sdcard you will find three new directories under your Mintoris.Basic/Data directory. These new directories are used for storing Audio, Video, and Graphics. The built in browser will now download audio, video and graphics files to these directories automatically.

Bitmap Graphics

Three new color commands allow setting the color in the standard RGBA (0-255) values.




Basic now supports audio.


Basic also now supports video.


A new backup system has been added to the editor. Now the last nine saved versions of your Basic source code files will be saved in a new Backup directory located under your source code directory. A new Revert option has been added to the editor menu which allows you to revert to the last saved version of your program.


Two commands were left out of the documentation.




Version 4.1 Released.

Several new functions which monitor battery status are now available.

Battery Info

GPS has been upgraded to include two new functions.



The P09.bas demo program has been updated. To upgrade your P09.bas program, edit->delete it and the new demo will be restored.

A problem with the Touch command with a timeout delay was found and fixed. The Touch command was not continuing execution immediately on receiving a touch. It would wait for the timeout to expire before continuing.

A couple related bugs in the Graphics system have been fixed. Opening and closing the hardware keyboard was causing the screen to blank in graphics mode and was resetting the scale (as in SetScale x,y).


Version 4.0 Released.

This is the big Bluetooth release! Mintoris Basic can now talk to the world. Control your robotics projects. Send and receive data with your partner's phone or tablet. A whole new world has opened up.



Version 3.7.1 Released.

The maximum source code size allowed in the editor has been set to 1 MB. This was done in an attempt to correct a problem on some phones where source code files are being truncated to 10 KB.

GPS is now optional. This should make Basic available to a larger number of devices.


Version 3.7 Released.

New menu options have been added which allow you to switch between running and editing programs without returning to the console screen. Simply press the menu button in the editor or from the run screen.

The minimum Android version for Basic has been raised to 2.1-update1. This was done in preparation for Bluetooth.


Version 3.6 Released.

This version includes a new command which allows you to write graphics programs that will work on any resolution screen.



Version 3.5.2 Released.

This version includes a new command that returns the sum of all values in an array.


IIF() and IIF$() commands may now be nested.

A rare forced close in the delimited string commands has now been corrected.


Version 3.5.1 Released.

The only change in this version is the addition of the TextWrap On|Off command.

TextWrap On|Off


Version 3.5 Released.

SQLite is now fully supported by Basic.


Two new setting are now available by pressing menu from the main console.

One changes the editor to a monospaced font.

The second new setting enables the RootDir command. The RootDir command changes the root file directory to the root of the SD card. You will now be able to roam through the entire SD card.


(use with caution)

Basic programs can now be deleted by pressing menu->delete while in the editor.

Two ternary expression functions have been added.

Ternary Functions

Array expressions may now use the Power ^ operator and all bitwise operators.

Array Operations

The following commands are now available in this version.

ArrFormat$(n, f$)



Exit For

Format$(n, f$)


TextMono On|Off


Version 3.4.4 Released.

This version fixes a problem where Basic programs freeze while executing some If...Then statements.


Version 3.4.3 Released.

An optimization of the variable parser in this version has resulted in a 35% increase in the overall speed of Basic programs.

The replace$() function has been split into two functions. Replace$() now does a simple replace with no special characters. RegexReplace$() does a replace using Regular Expressions (Regex).


Subroutine parameters no longer need to be initialized before a subroutine call. If a subroutine parameter has not been initialized, it will be initialized at the time of the call. Un-initialized arrays will be initialized as Dim a(0).


Version 3.4.2 Released.

Most commands which accept arrays as parameters will now accept subs and other complex array expressions as parameters. The exception to this is the Wait and Dialog commands, which will still only accept array variables as parameters.

The "D-Pad", Joystick and Trackball will now be able to be read using the InputKey$ command.

The Sort$() command has been added to sort string arrays. Sort() will still sort string arrays but for consistency with the new Sub system of naming you should get in the habit of using the $ for string array functions. ItemSplit$() has been added for the same reason. ItemSplit() will still work without the $.


Version 3.4.1 Released.

With this version you should now be able to pass an array to a sub by reference and re-dimension that array within the sub. Various other minor bug fixes.


A few minor bugs have been reported and will be fixed in a 3.4.1 release in a few days. If you have found any problems in Basic 3.4 please report them to me so they can be fixed before the release.



Version 3.4 Released.

This is a major update and many features have been added to the language.

The Not operator has changed. This is a change that might break your programs.

As of this update the unary Not operator performs a logical Not and will always return 0 or 1. This change was necessary in order to implement boolean operations in numeric expressions.

0 = Not 1

0 = Not 22

1 = Not 0

The tilde char ~ has been added to perform a bitwise Not operation. So if your programs are currently using a bitwise Not change all occurrences of Not to a tilde ~

0 = ~-1

-1 = ~0

-2 = ~1

The expression parser has been modified to accept boolean operations.

Expressions like this are now possible:

A = (x > 2)

In this expression, if (x > 2) A would equal 1. If x was not greater than 2 A would equal 0.

Strings may be included in the comparison and result in 0 or 1.

x = ("This" + "is" > "Cool")*("Isn't" < "It?")

x = 1

Numeric Operations

Subroutines/Functions with local variables are now available.


Variables may be declared as global.


Subroutines may be grouped into reusable program files.


The single quote ' has been added as a shorthand Rem



I've received a report of a force close related string array operations. If this happened to you please send me an email explaining what caused this force close.


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