2012 Change Log

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Version 5.9 Released.

Benchmark test show that Basic now runs about 35% faster. A new compiler stage has been added in this upgrade. Source code is now compiled to immediate code (iCode) at load time. The compile phase is so fast that there is no noticeable delay in program load. This is a step towards stand alone apps, but it does not mean stand alone apps will be possible in this upgrade. It does mean that when stand alone apps become possible they will be running fast efficient iCode.

A few new commands are now available.






Version 5.8 Released.

The release includes several new Big Decimal functions.







Big Decimals

When the rounding mode is on (default) regular variables with values greater than 999999999999999 will no longer be rounded. This lifts the max value limit in rounding mode. Now variables will always be able to store the maximum allowed double floating point value whether or not Rounding mode is on. Of course after 999999999999999 the floating point number goes exponential, loosing precision. The answer becomes an approximation. That may be a good time to switch to Big Decimals.


Version 5.7.1 Released.

This release fixes a problem with trigonometric functions in Degree mode.


Version 5.7 Released.

The Big Decimal math library has been expanded to include the basic logarithmic and trigonometric functions.

Big Decimals

If you were getting "Unsupported File Type" messages downloading files from the forum, that problem is now fixed.

Basic will no longer freeze when executing infinite loops without performing a Wait command. If a wait command has not been executed for 2.5 seconds a 25ms pause will occur automatically unless the code is within a function. Functions can not be paused and it is still possible to get a freeze while executing a function. You should still continue to use the Wait command as you always have.


Version 5.6.2 Released.

The reference manual can now be updated with a single download in just a few seconds.


Version 5.6.1 Released.

This release provides a progress bar to indicate how the reference download is proceeding.


Version 5.6 Released.

A new TouchEvent command is available that reports all touch events. This command should allow you to process any sort of gesture.


There has been a few additions to Big Decimal support. A function to test if a string is a proper Big Decimal number is now available. Also an optional parameter has been added to the BigFixDecimal command to force scientific notation.




The demo program on the P9 button has been rewritten. It really needed an update. After you upgrade to 5.6, edit->delete the old P9 program and the new demo program will be loaded to your P9 button.

Audio I/O has been pushed back to the next release.


Version 5.5 Released.

This version introduces a new way to store and manipulate very large decimal numbers.

Big Decimals

Arrays may now hold object pointers. This means you can have arrays of Bitmaps and SQLite Cursors.

Object Arrays

The max nested For and Do loops has been lifted. Prior to this release For and Do loops were limited to 100 nested loops deep. Now For and Do loops can be nested as deep as memory allows.

Two new functions are available to get the Height and Width of text in pixels.



A new function is available to get the amount of free memory.



Version 5.4 Released.

This update is being release early to correct a problem caused by the Anonymous attack on Mintoris' host site. The reference manual would not download. This release contains a work around.

You are now able to execute a Return from within a For Next or Do Loop.

Do ... Loop

For ... Next

You also no longer need to specify the index variable after a Next. A Next on a line by itself is sufficient.

A crash that occurred when sorting large arrays has been fixed. You will now get an Out of Memory error instead. If you are getting Out of Memory errors when sorting large arrays then you must write your data to a SQLite database and read them back sorted.

A crash in the SetDrawingSurface command has been fixed.


Version 5.3.2 Released.

This is the second attempt at fixing the console freeze problem.


Version 5.3.1 Released.

A problem with the console freezing when no internet connection was available has been corrected.


Version 5.3 Released.

A new help system has been added to the built in editor. This system provides suggestions as you type, a quick reference guide and much faster access to the full command documentation.

Three new commands are now available to manipulate zip archives.




It is no longer necessary to do a Dim f$(0) if an array is going to be initialized by a function. f$() = Dir$() is sufficient.


Version 5.2.6 Released.

Files with unrecognized extensions will now automatically download to the /Data directory. I did this so you can post data files with your basic programs on the Forum and have them download to a know location.

A rare crash on startup has been fixed.


Version 5.2.5 Released.

This version just has a few minor fixes.

An out of memory error was occurring when tens of thousands of SQLite querys were executed. Remember that you must execute an SqlCloseCursor for every SqlQuery.

A second change involves how I get the path of the external storage device (sdcard). I had foolishly hard coded the path in the early days of Basic and never changed it. Now a system call is used to get the path. Hopefully you will not notice any difference, but it is possible that on some devices the path to the Mintoris.Basic directory will change to a second sdcard. If this happens it will appear that your programs have disappeared. If you have this problem simply mount your device to a PC and copy your old Mintoris.Basic directory to the new location. I am hoping this will not happen to anyone. Everything worked fine on my test devices and I did not need to copy the Mintoris.Basic directory.


Version 5.2.4 Released.

It was necessary to add a setting to enable Text to Speech. On devices which do not have Text to Speech installed Android would automatically redirect you to the Play Market each time a program was run. Now by default Text to Speech will be disabled and you must go to the Settings and enable it before use.

Fixed a random crash when the reference was opened. This was an Android bug and required a workaround.


Version 5.2.3 Released.

It appears that the large image files captured by the new TakePhoto commands were causing out of memory errors when loaded for display in the graphics mode. In order to prevent this any image file that is bigger than the screen will now be scaled automatically when loaded. Out of memory errors may still occur if multiple large images are loaded at the same time. You will also get an error if you try to create a bitmap which is too large.


Version 5.2.2 Released.

File associations have been disabled in this version. This feature was not working correctly.


Version 5.2.1 Released.

This version fixes a problem in the TakePhotoAuto command.


Version 5.2 Released.

Basic can now take photos.



Barcode Scanning is now available


Basic can now send emails with attachments.



A command is now available to play YouTube videos.


Email attachments with the extension .bas will now download directly into Basic.

A confirm exit dialog will now appear when the user presses the back button while a program is running. This may be shut off in the settings.

The IIF$() function was not working and has now been fixed.


Version 5.1 Released.

Text to Speech is now available

Text to Speech

MP4 and WMV video files will now automatically download from the forum to the video directory.

The HTML Browser mode has been enhanced and now intercepts POST's

The SqlQueryA command was not working and has now been fixed.


Version 5.0 Released.

This is a major version release due to the large number of new commands plus the addition of a new video mode (HtmlBrowser On).

The new HtmlBrowser mode will not only allow you to interactively view Html pages on the web, sdcard or from a string variable. It will also allow you to create user interface screens using Html. This is accomplished with just few commands. Watch the forum for programs that demonstrate this new feature.

Html Browser Mode

An extensive list of networking commands are now available.

Network Communications

A new command is now available to change the screen orientation. You can now lock orientation in portrait or landscape mode.


Four new file commands were added to make reading and writing more versatile.





A couple of additions have been made to Bluetooth

Bluetooth On|Off


BTGetState() now returns a state 6 (Bluetooth Disabled)

Variable names and line labels may now contain underscore characters.

You can now change the font size in the default program editor. From the main console screen press menu->settings.

You can now choose to use the Jota text editor or Text Warrior as your default Program editor. These are free apps which can be downloaded from the Google apps market. From the main console screen press menu->settings->Program Editor.


Version 4.2.11 Released.

This release fixes two forced close problems. The first one happens randomly when you hit the back button in the browser. The second was a crash when a Bluetooth connection fails to connect.


Version 4.2.10 Released.

Now if you register on the forum through the built in browser you will not be asked the three anti-spam questions.


Version 4.2.9 Released.

This update downloads the reference manual to the sdcard so that it can be viewed offline.


Version 4.2.8 Released.

This update fixes a problem with the audio system. When an audio file was playing on a channel and a new audio file was played on the same channel before the first one had completed (and this was done repeatedly), the audio system would lock up and stop playing any audio.


Version 4.2.7 Released.

This update fixes a random crash during audio playback.

A change has also been made to the file I/O system. After closing a file a "sync" is now performed to force Android to flush it's internal buffers. This was done to fix a problem where files were being lost if the battery was removed before Android got around to actually writing data to the SDCard. This fix was applied to File I/O as well as program saving.


Version 4.2.6 Released.

This update allows numbers with decimal commas to be input or converted. This affects the input, edit, val(), ArrVal() and isNumber() statements. The input and edit statements will only accept numbers with decimal commas if the locale is set accordingly.

Auto-Suggestion/Correction has been disabled in the editor.


Version 4.2.5 Released.

This version contains a couple fixes based on Google crash reports.

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