2013 Change Log

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Version 5.12.5 Released.

Two new parameters have been added to the TakePhotoAuto command.



Version 5.12.4 Released.

This update fixes a bug in the InStr(x$,y$,z) function. If the offset z was not 1 then it would return invalid indexes if the substring was not found. It appears that this bug has been in the InStr() function from the start.



Version 5.12.3 Released.

This update fixes a crash with the Graphics On command. If you were in the HtmlBrowser mode and tried to do a Graphics On command, you would get a crash. Now you will be able to directly switch from any video mode to any other without problem.


Version 5.12.2 Released.

A crash in the new Bluetooth code from the last release has been fixed.


Version 5.12.1 Released.

A couple problems with Bluetooth communications have been resolved. A channel disconnect can now be detected and connection problems with other Android devices have been corrected.

GPS resolution and update frequency has been increased to maximum.


Version 5.12 Released.

A crash in the Parse$() function has been corrected.

You may notice a new thumb slider on the console file selection screens (Run, Edit, Compile, etc.). Someone had mentioned that they had a lot of Basic programs and it was hard to get thru the list flinging. The thumb slider is the standard solution for this situation.

The update reference progress bar and messages will no longer appear if there is no internet connection and the reference is up to date.


Version 5.11 Released.

There is a new option on the main console menu which allows you to save compiled iCode files. Compiled iCode files are used to create stand alone Android apk files. Please check the forum for more information about creating Android apps.

The main console screen now has a new menu. It can be accessed by pressing the menu button or by just touching the console screen.

An optional delay parameter has been added to the InputKey command to allow continuous flow of execution.


A crash in the GetBitmapPixel() function has been corrected.

Some potential crashes in the SQLite functions have been corrected.


Version 5.10.2 Released.

This release fixes a crash when Basic first starts up.


Version 5.10.1 Released.

This release fixes the LET statement which got broke in the last upgrade.


Version 5.10 Released.

An additional optimization to the compiled iCode format has resulted in a further speed increase. Basic 5.10 now runs 67% faster than 5.8.

This release includes a couple functions that return the Android and Basic versions.



The NetGetIP$() function should now always return the correct local IP addresss.

A crash in the SQLAddTableA command has been fixed.

A crash where an include file includes itself has been corrected.

The Sort$(s$) command now requires the $. You may have to modify your source code if you had been saying sort(s$) to sort$(s$). The old P9 demo program did this. If you try to run the old P9 program with any of the newer versions of Basic you will get the error:

"Type mismatch. This Type of variable is not appropriate here."

Dinos$() = Sort(Dinos$())

You can either change it to Sort$(Dinos$()) or press menu->delete and the new version of the P9 program will be restored.

The GetGpsProvider$() command has been changed to require a $ since it returns a string. This may cause your GPS program to get a runtime error. Please just add the $. This corrects a long standing inconsistency in the language. The old P9 demo program will now get this runtime error. This can also be fixed by editing P9, pressing menu->delete to restore the newest version of the P9 demo.

Basic will no longer automatically shut off the graphics or html video modes when a program ends. This way you can just turn on the graphics mode draw something and end the program and your graphics will remain on the screen till you press back.

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