Connecting to your PC

Q: How do I connect (mount) my Android phone to my computer with the included USB cable?

A: To mount your Android phone to your computer, follow these steps

Connect the Android device to the computer via the USB cable.

Note: Only use the USB cable that came with the device.

Tap the top notification bar (the USB icon in the upper-left corner)

Drag the notification bar down.

Tap the USB connected notification.

Tap the Mount button.

Your SD card should now appear as a Removable Device under Computer.

If your Android refuses to appear (mount) on your computer,
try going to Settings->Applications->Development
and turn on USB debugging.

Then repeat the procedure above.

You shouldn't have to do this,
but on some phones this is the only way to get it to work.

Once your phone is mounted to your computer,
you can find your basic programs under the folder Mintoris.Basic

The program names are P0.bas thru P9.bas and correspond to buttons P0 thru P9.

You can edit these programs using notepad or your favorite text editor.

Only programs named P0.bas thru P9.bas will be recognized by Basic.

If you delete a program file from your SD card,
Basic will restore the default demo program for that button.

While you have your phone mounted, it is a good idea to backup your programs to your PC.

Basic will not be able to access your programs on the SD card while you are mounted to a PC.

Once you save your program back to the SD card, pull down the notification bar again and press "Turn off USB storage". This will release the SD card and you will be able to run Basic.

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