ArcBounded left,top,right,bot,startAngle,sweepAngle{,useCenter,fill}

This command draws an arc, within a given rectangle, using the current Color.

The arc will be scaled to fit inside the bounding rectangle (left,top,right,bot), which defines the shape and size of the arc.

The arc is drawn clockwise. An angle of 0 degrees correspond to the geometric angle of 0 degrees (3 o'clock on a watch.)

The startAngle parameter is the starting angle (in degrees) where the arc begins. If the start angle is negative or >= 360, the start angle is treated as start angle modulo 360.

The sweepAngle parameter is the sweep angle (in degrees) measured clockwise. If the sweep angle is >= 360, then the oval is drawn completely. If the sweep angle is negative, the sweep angle is treated as sweep angle modulo 360

If the optional useCenter parameter is 0 (default) the center is not included in the arc. If useCenter is 1, the center of the oval in the arc is included forming a wedge.

The optional fill parameter indicates if the arc is to be filled. 0 = no fill, 1 = fill. The default is no fill.

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