ArcRadius centerX,centerY,radius,startAngle,sweepAngle{,useCenter,fill}

This command draws an arc, given it's center and radius, using the current Color.

This command will always draw a circular arc.

The arc is drawn clockwise. An angle of 0 degrees correspond to the geometric angle of 0 degrees (3 o'clock on a watch.)

The startAngle parameter is the starting angle (in degrees) where the arc begins. If the start angle is negative or >= 360, the start angle is treated as start angle modulo 360.

The sweepAngle parameter is the sweep angle (in degrees) measured clockwise. If the sweep angle is >= 360, then the circle is drawn completely. If the sweep angle is negative, the sweep angle is treated as sweep angle modulo 360

If the optional useCenter parameter is 0 (default) the center is not included in the arc. If useCenter is 1, the center of the circle in the arc is included forming a wedge.

The optional fill parameter indicates if the arc is to be filled. 0 = no fill, 1 = fill. The default is no fill.

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