Poly x(),y(),offsetX,offsetY {,fill,scaleX,scaleY,degRot,pivotX,pivotY}

The Poly command is a powerful drawing tool which lets you define a shape as a series of coordinates. Then you can draw, move, scale, rotate and fill that shape.

The shape is defined by two arrays of coordinates x() and y(). Both arrays must be the same size and must contain two or more elements (sets of coordinates).

The optional fill parameter indicates if the shape is to be filled. 0 = no fill, 1 = fill. The default is no fill.

The shape may be scaled using the optional scaleX and scaleY parameters. This scaling is done in addition to any scaling done by a prior SetScale command.

The entire shape may be rotated using the optional degRot parameter. This parameter is in degrees clockwise from the 3 o'clock position.

The shape is drawn relative to and rotated around a pivot point. If the optional parameters pivotX and PivotY are not specified, the exact center of the shape is used as the pivot point. The pivot point is relative to all the points in the shape coordinate arrays x() and y().

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