Pairing a Bluetooth Device

The first step in pairing a Bluetooth device is to press menu-> settings from the home screen of your phone or tablet. You should then see the following screen.

Press Wireless & networks and the following screen will appear.

Next press Bluetooth settings and the screen below will appear.

Make sure Bluetooth is checked at the top to enable Bluetooth. Then press scan for devices. A list of all the discoverable devices in the area will appear. If the device you are looking for does not appear, check the instructions for that device to determine how to make that device discoverable.

Once the device is listed press the name of the device and a screen similar to the one below will appear. You may be asked to enter the PIN number for the device. Again check the instructions for the Bluetooth device to determine the correct PIN number.

Your device should now be paired but not connected. You can now make a connection using Basic commands.

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