PlayAudio channel, filename${,startPaused, leftVolume, rightVolume}

This command plays an audio file on the specified channel. Channel may be 1 to 10. Up to 10 audio files may be playing concurrently.

The optional StartPaused flag may be 0 (start playing immediately - default) or 1 (Start paused). When an audio file is StartPaused, audio will not start playing until a ResumeAudio command is executed.

The optional leftVolume and rightVolume set the volume at which to play the audio file. The volume parameters are in percent and range from 0.0 to 1.0 inclusive.


PlayAudio 1, "audio/myaudio.mp3"


If you download audio files from the Forum, they will be stored in Mintoris.Basic/Data/Audio. The audio directory is only a suggested place to store audio files. Audio files may be stored anywhere relative to the current working directory.



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