ScanBarcode mode$, format$, contents$

This command starts the ZXing Barcode reader app and scans a barcode. The ZXing Barcode reader is a free app that must be installed for barcode scanning to work. ZXing can be found on the Google Android Market (Play).

The mode$ parameter specifies the type of bar code to be scanned. It can be one of the following values:

"PRODUCT_MODE" - used for common product type bar codes.
"ONE_D_MODE" - used for 1D barcodes.
"QR_CODE_MODE" - used for QR barcodes. These are the square link type barcodes.
"DATA_MATRIX_MODE" - used for Data Matrix barcodes.

The format of the scanned barcode is returned in format$

The contents of the barcode is returned in contents$

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