TakePhotoAuto filename${,flashmode, quality, photoDelay}

This command takes an automatic photo using the built in camera. No user intervention is required.

The filename$ is the name of the image file that the photo should be saved as. The extension determines the format of the image file and may be ".jpg", ".jpeg" or ".png". Jpeg is the preferred format since it takes much less time to save. filename$ will always be overwritten by this command.

flashmode indicates how the flash should be used. It may be 0 (AUTO - Default), 1 (ON), or 2 (OFF)

quality sets the image compression used to write the image file to the sdcard. This parameter may be 1 to 100 and will default to 100 if not specified. If you are having out of memory problems when loading image files back into memory, try reducing the quality of your photos.

photoDelay sets how long to wait, in milliseconds, before taking the photo. The minimum value is 25ms and it will default to 2000ms if not specified.

The shutter sound can not be disabled since it is illegal to do so or to give the option to do so in some places.


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