SendEmailAuto user$, password$, from$, toAddr$, subject$, body$, attachments$, result

This command sends an email from your Gmail account. The listed parameters are used to fill in all the parts of an email.

user$ - This is the user name of your email account. Usually it's just your email address.

password$ - This is your email password.

from$ - This is your from email address. Usually the same as your user name.

toAddr$ - The email address.

The address parameter may contain multiple email addresses separated by commas.

subject$ - The text in this field will fill in the subject line of the email.

body$ - The text in this field will fill in the body of the email.

attachments$ - The is a list of file names separated by commas. Each file will be attached to the email.

result - The result is returned in this parameter. If the email was sent correctly result will be 1. If the email could not be sent result will be 0.

You may send an email to any address, but the account you send from must be a Gmail account. It is also a good idea to create a new Gmail account that will just be used by your app to send emails.

Once you set up your new Gmail account you must turn on the less secure authentication method.

Follow these instructions for turning on the less secure authentication method.

Less Secure Setting

Make sure you are logged into the right Gmail account when you change the less secure method setting.

If you have problems check your password and make sure you have network connectivity.

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