Preparing Your Graphics
Tiles, Tile sets and Tile Atlases

Sprites are the basic graphics unit of the Game Engine. Sprites are made up of graphic tiles from a tileset. A great deal of the Game Engine is devoted to controlling sprites and doing special effects with them. Sprites in the Mintoris Game Engine are a lot more than just moveable graphics objects. Each sprite is an object in a real time simulation. As the programmer you can set and modify a sprite's scale, spin, velocity acceleration, etc., but it is the Game Engine, running in the background on the GPU thread, that does all the movement and effects. Of course you can treat the sprite as just a 2D graphic image and do all the movement and such in the main loop of your basic program and everything will work fine. But, if you want to tap into the full power of the Game Engine, start thinking of reacting to the important events instead of driving the action directly by basic. Set your sprites in motion and react when a collision or some other event happens.

Event Triggered Subroutines


Any sprite can also act as a button.

Game Engine Overview

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