text = GenText(msg$, font, x, y, maxWidth, align)


This function returns a new Game Engine text object.


The text message to be displayed. Text can be changed at any time.


The Game Engine font object to be used to display the text. A font is just a special kind of tileset.


The x coordinate to position the text.


The y coordinate to position the text.


This parameter sets how the text will be aligned relative to the x and y coordinates.

include "Game Engine"

text = GenText("Hello World", font, 100, 100, Align_Center)

The Game Engine include file contains useful constants. You should edit it and look it over. It is in the global include folder which can be included in any Basic program.

' Text Alignment
Const Align_Left = -1
Const Align_Center = 0
Const Align_Right = 1

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