tileset = GenTileSet(imageFile$ { , tileWidth, tileHeight, name$ } )

tileset = GenTileSet(bitmap { , tileWidth, tileHeight, name$ } )


This function returns a new Game Engine tileset object. Tilesets are a special kind of bitmap. A tileset contains a number of graphic tiles which are used by the sprites. All the tiles in a tileset are the same size. Different tilesets may have a different size tile.


This is the path to the image file. Usually this will be a png file since they support transparency.


Instead of using an image file, you may create a tileset directly from a bitmap. This may be a bitmap created at runtime.


The width of a tile in the tileset.


The height of a tile in the tileset.

If width and height are not specified the image file is assumed to be one big tile.


Optional tileset name. If not specified the tileset name will be the name of the image file without the file extension.

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