What's New


Version 2.0 Released.

Ohms now supports reverse resistor lookup.

All sound has been removed from Ohms and replaced by tactile feedback on buttons which may be turned off in the settings.

All screens now appear in portrait orientation only.


Version 1.2 Released.

The "Annoying" buzzing sound has been removed from the splash screen.

The reference browser has been modified to allow direct linking to emails.

I am considering writing a new version of this app with additional features. One new feature would be a reverse resistor lookup. If you have suggestions for new features please send me an email.



Version 1.1 Released.

Ohms is now FREE!!!

I am removing copy protection on this release. This will reduce the size of Ohms and make it compatible with more mobile devices. If you have any problems with this upgrade, try uninstalling Ohms and re-installing it fresh. But don't do the re-install unless you have a problem.


Version 1.0 Released.

Ohms has been extensively tested but if you find a problem, please send me an email.

I am at:


I will correct the problem as soon as possible and release an upgrade.